Project Lion & Other Endeavors


Project Lion

Keeping up with my semi-weekly posts, I’d like to start with an announcement that I’ve started developing a new “game” that I’ve code-named Project Lion (because I love lions). I’ve got a few ideas running through my head of what the game will look like, but almost nothing is concrete. I will say that I want the game to be a bit of a social commentary sandbox (with an emphasis on the sandbox aspect). I’m trying to keep the description of the game very loose because I understand that the idea I have for the final version of the game is not complete. That is a problem that I will have to nip in the bud fairly early on, but it also leaves me open to change the game and add things that I come up with later or to find different ways of solving certain problems I’ll run into during development. This game will take a long time to make since it’s probably going to be just me making every asset and programming the whole game. I plan on making the process a bit easier by using Unity for the game engine, but I still need to do research on what tools I’ll be using for art and music development.

Other Endeavors

Most of you probably don’t know this (because most of you know nothing about me. Something that I pan on changing through this blogging process), but I’m currently on a programming team for the company Blue-Shift Studios. It’s a true indie team of aspiring developers from UCCS (where I’m currently studying Game Design and Development). I say true indie because we have almost no experience in game development aside from our schooling, but the amount of talent and drive I’ve seen from this group is astounding. Our first project has been under development for a little while now, but we’re making a lot of headway toward the final product. I’m under NDA, so I can’t say exactly what we’re working on, but I’ll try to give updates on that project as time goes on.  If you want to learn more about Blue-Shift Studios, click here. The website is currently under construction and out-of-date. It’s my understanding that Kevin will be updating the site very soon, and there will be a developer blog for you to keep up to date with the company and that project from the perspective of the whole team (since every team will give updates on what they’ve been working on in the blog).

My current class schedule is also very heavy (I’m currently taking Japanese, Philosophies of Asia, Narrative and Story Telling, AI, and a Circuits class, which adds up to 17ish credit hours), and I need to find ways of paying the bills that come with living on your own. This in mind, I feel very hopeful about the future of both of these projects. I also realize this post is kind of boring. I plan on using this as a jumping off point for more interesting things in the future and also to give you an idea of what I’m working on. I’ve already learned so much in the 3 years of college, and I plan on helping all of you to learn. As I expect many of you will help me learn, whether you intend to or not.


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